Yoga Sessions

Yoga sessions


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Sweat, strengthen, move and lengthen in a dance-like vinyasa movement. Central strength magnetizes muscle as elastic power spins your form to solid gold.

Yin Yoga Quad Stretch


A gradual deepening and stretching into physical and mental layers. Slow your brainwaves, deepen fascial release. Designed to elevate your athletic practice, Yin Yoga unlocks movement integration while engaging your parasympathetic to support deep sleep and relaxation.

Beach Lotus

YOGA for suits

Yoga for Suits is corporate yoga for busy professionals. Access the sweet peace of yoga while still in work attire. Gentle stretches reverse the effects of sitting. 

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Yoga Nidra embeds your "heart's desire", called sankalpa, on a slower wavelength of thought processing. After gentle stretching, guided meditation takes you step by step through somatic brain architecture. You then enjoy a guided journey through the rich imaginative landscape of your psyche to connect to your truest self.

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Subtle Energy Yoga taps into the electromagnetic field of your body, the power of your intention, chakras and nadis, and subtle energy. Your body + mind flourish in the ancient wisdom of energy field techniques. A moving series of yoga poses activates key anatomical intersections of power.



Being produced sometime . . .  videos to guide your practice at home.