Seven Key Factors


Seven Key factors


1 /  There is a reason you love your sleep! That gorgeous deep stage of sleep that you love engages brain regeneration and detoxification through beautiful star-shaped cells named astrocytesAstrocytes take the metabolic by-products from active neurons in the brain and transfer them to the blood stream for elimination, and thus protect from dementia. How do you achieve that deep sleep? That is something that needs to be well understood, and the ILLUMINE MIND sessions review and educate you as to how to link your sleep patterns to the most beneficial alignment with the earth-and-sun based circadian rhythm.


2 / Exercise is such an amazing source for the wealth of health.  Exercise improves cognitive processes, helps generate and recharge your mitochondria, boosts endorphins, clears the mind, cycles anxious chemicals out of your system, and so much more!  Studies have shown that regular cardiovascular exercise reduces cognitive decline, and improves overall health and mood. Exercise is key to a resilient abundant energy for your mind to work at peak performance levels.


3 / Nutrition is so key to brain health, to support the creation of neurochemicals, and feed the support cells that help you create synapses.  We will review some options for nutritional brain support in the ILLUMINE MIND sessions, with the option for a referral to some excellent functional medicine doctors should you wish for more detail.


4 / Mindfulness is so popular for a reason - it counters the stresses and strains of our busy and information loaded lives. Did you know that stress actually decreases the numbers of branches on a neuron, so decreases its ability, literally, to reach out and connect to other neurons? This leads to decreased ability to learn and function, and may be the source of the "brain fog" of stress. Mindfulness helps to reduce stress, clear the mind of excess activity, and reset brain rhythms. You then develop a beautiful focus, and a heightened and more sophisticated awareness which leads to more elegance in decision-making. Emotions become clouds in the sky that color and add texture to your life, rather than distractions that pull you off course. Physiology re-balances, with the added benefit of a slimmer and trimmer waistline, as the body gain due to cortisol normalized back to a healthy level.


5 / Psychological health is deeply important. How you see your world, leads to how you react and then choose action. I can not emphasize how profound this area of the mind is. Neural networks form when you are young, and these act like camera lens filters on the world, without you even being aware of them!  In psychiatry, we are trained to help you see them for the first time, be able to identify them, and let them no longer run your life, so that you can see the opportunities for success! *


6 / Nature and the beautiful wilderness that still exists in some areas on our planet, are key elements that augment human mind performance.  In "Blue Mind", Wallace J. Nichols talks of the healing effects of water, and identifies the state that Blue Mind is, that brings greater peace and clarity to us.  Emerging research shows that surfing improves mood, energy, and sleep, so the wilderness of wild waves and ocean salt has a powerful quality to settle the mind.  Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese name for "forest walking", is used in Japan to reduce stress, based on improved heart and immune health shown by various physiological parameters studied. These beautiful tiny tiny tiny molecules, called phytonocides, actually trigger our immune system to create more cells that kill off cells that harm our health.  For the mind, the reduction in stress is significant, allowing for better heart health and navigation of work and decision making.


7 / Energy, is the seventh factor.  Energy medicine is still considered a non-scientific field, but studies on the electromagnetic field of the brain, the heart, and increased applications of EEG brain wave information to human mind health, is happening! So, we are beginning to understand on a larger level, that there are more subtle energies and qualities of the human mind that make up who we are. In rTMS research, electromagnetic field application is found to change mood and how a person is motivated towards one decision versus another. The field of electromagnetic health is also developing in neurofeedback, energy medicine, biofield healing, vibrational medicine, and shamanic medicine - for example, Alberto Villoldo works with neuroscientists and shamans, to revitalize the brain and mind, and Stanford and Yale are working with a Harvard-trained physician at two clinics in Peru and Ecuador, to treat illnesses that western medicine can not cure. The world of the more subtle energies of the body, and the blend of ancient practices with cutting edge neuroimaging and detecting equipment, is at hand. Although it will take time to provide enough scientific evidence to use these areas in formal medicine, the opportunity exists for you to apply some of the principles, and note what benefits you.



The above seven factors, are key to creating that serene state of the clear mind, and learning how to adapt to the waves of different challenges that come your way. I would love to coach you through this journey! If you are interested, book a session and I look forward to meeting you!