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PRESS + testimonials


"The mindfulness helps me make a quiet space in my mind."



"Dr. Love offers patient, compassionate presence and deep listening to those fortunate to interact with her along their healing journey. She incorporates a broad-ranging skill set, including mindfulness guidance, to compliment her background as a medical doctor and psychiatrist. It is clear that Dr. Love is interested helping individuals to experience real healing, a quality that is rare and precious."

— dr. devon christie md, april 2017


Northwest abundant water nurtures blue mind rhythms

The concept of the “blue mind” is a new look at how water influences our brains.

Scientifically, the presence of water deeply calms and nourishes the nervous system, Vancouver psychiatrist Dr. Maia Love says.  Visually, humans are drawn to the color blue.  People sitting near blue have a more regular heartbeat, and perceive less physical pain. Exposure to blue light produces positive physical, cognitive and emotional benefits. 

Blue releases dopamine, which is associated with euphoria, joy, reward and wellness; and on MRI scans, is seen to connect the amygdala and hypothalamus, increasing hearing and understanding. Psychologically, studies show that blue is associated with calm, clean, depth, wisdom, trust, confidence and dependable strength.

- Seattle times, February 2017


"Maia is a one of a kind, gentle soul. She's brilliant, inquisitive, caring and genuinely a beautiful person. As a yoga teacher, her style of teaching is based on theory and the wonderful stories of Indian mythology, giving her yoga class an extra depth of wisdom and learning, alongside the physical asana practice.
She also has a gift with reading energies, and the work she did with me was fascinating and intuitive . . . I was blown away with the whole experience."

- lori crandall, architect, yoga instructor, may 2017


"Excellent Doctor. Such a calm and compassionate demeanor. She has so much knowledge for a younger Doctor. Very attentive, respectful, results driven.”



"Maia is a beautiful, dedicated, and incredibly caring teacher.  Her practice and classes are strong, playful, and full of grace.  As an ex-dancer, she is deeply aware of the body movements and balances this with her vast knowledge of body anatomy, subtle energy, and scientific knowledge about meditation."

— Jana Chonova, yoga instructor and health coach, May 2017


"Maia creatively blends her deep understanding of yoga and movement with a rich knowledge of the body and expertise in various healing modalities.  Her classes are guided by her deep connection to spirit and her well developed intuitive abilities.  The whole experience is healing, enlightening and uplifting."

— mike nichols, mikenicholsyoga, may 2017


"Maia Love is a natural healer.  Through her knowledge and personal strengths she guides people in connecting with their physical selves. Her unique abilities allow her to assert a peaceful yet energetic presence allowing people to reach a higher fundamental sense of being. Maia truly has a gift."

— Paolo Bordignon, Physiotherapist, may 2017


"Understanding, empathetic, knowledgeable, and willing to listen all are qualities that Maia Love brings to her practice. She takes her clients concerns seriously, will research the best solutions and follows through with recommendations. Her depth of experience in mindfulness coaching, yoga and energy/shamanic medicine all add to her amazing ability to support and help her clients find healing around health.”


— Suzanne Zilkowsky, health coach, APril 2017

"Maia is a lovely yoga teacher and energy worker.  Her strong connection to spirit allows for deep insight and emotional healing.  Her yoga classes are elegant yet powerful, strongly recommended for all she offers!"

— Brittani Linder, healer and yoga instructor, april 2017


"An amazing psychiatrist - knowledgeable, compassionate, and works with patients and their families to make sure that a proper diagnosis is being made and that there is a good treatment plan in place. I was able to watch a session that she had with my family member and was so impressed by how she could interview so effectively and bring insight to the patient. She frames her clinical practice based on research evidence and takes the time to explain why and how she is doing something. The best psychiatrist I have ever come across.”

— Patient review, 2017


"Maia is incredibly sensitive and intuitive. She has a high level of awareness of the energy realms and is an adept guide to navigating the inner worlds. This is informed by and balanced with her medical and psychiatric knowledge and experience, grounded in practicality with her own unique blend of artistry. It has been an honour and a privilege to work with her."

— Kaytie wood, psychologist energy healer, june 2017