ILLUMINE sacred space


You can open Sacred Space at any time.
Save this knowledge for your self only.
Knowledge is like a pearl.
Do not cast your pearls before those that will not honour them.
There is a potency that develops when you keep your
practice for your self only.
Allow time for this to strengthen and deepen in your practice.




To open Sacred Space for the first time, choose a space where you will not be interrupted.  Find a comfortable seat or position.  Gaze softly in front of you, or if your nervous system stays calm, allow your eyes to close.  Bring your attention to your breath and body, allow the breath to deepen, and the body to relax while also feeling alive with your own vibrant energy.

Notice where North is.  Bring your focus to the North.  There are some traditional associations with the North in the Illumination tradition.  Most important is that of strength, direction, navigation.  Notice what images, sounds, thoughts, and highest vibration support comes from the North for you.  The Hummingbird is associated with the North, and can fly large distances with very little sustenance.  What to you, symbolizes perseverance?  Invite the strength of the North to be with you, and to protect and honour your Sacred Space.

Notice where South is.  Bring your focus to the South.  The South is abundance, beauty, nurturance.  Traditionally, it is associated with the realm of the Snake - sensitivity and transformation.  Notice what images, sounds, thoughts, and highest vibration support comes from the South for you.  What to you, symbolizes abundance, nurturance, and the ability to change? What is sensitive yet strong and knowing in you?  Invite the abundance of the South to be with you, and to protect and honour your Sacred Space.

Notice where East is.  Bring your focus to the East.  The East is knowledge, wisdom, ancient sources of knowledge which can include the code in your genetics, your family, your ancestors, or can be the ancestors, the realms of wisdom.  Traditionally, it is the land of the Condor or Eagle.  The Condor of Eagle gains perspective from the heights to which it soars, and is connected to the heart chakra, and the world of human affairs, connections with others.  What to you symbolizes connections to others, the heart, wisdom, ancient wisdom?  How do you gain perspective on the greater vision of your life?  Invite the wisdom and perspective, the heart knowledge and knowledge, of the East to be with you, and to protect and honour your Sacred Space.

Notice when West is.  Bring your focus to the West.  The West is power, life and death, the shadow, transformation, our greatest fears, and greatest hopes.  The Jaguar rules this realm, stalking through the jungle of possible selves and ideas and emotions and thoughts, sees both dark and light, and continues to see, without fear.  What to you symbolizes facing fear without fear, accepting dark and light powerfully so that you can transform into a more true, or higher, self?  Invite the power and fearlessness of the West, to be with you, and to protect and honour your Sacred Space.

Notice the Earth below you.  Bring your focus to the Earth.  The Earth has a magnetic field that vibrates at 7.83 Hertz, and supports the electromagnetic vibration of our magnetic fields as human beings.  The most powerful magnetic field in and surrounding you is that of your heart.  The Earth is associated with support and nourishment.  Be curious as to whether you can feel the electromagnetic field of the Earth? How does this support you?  Invite the support of the Earth to be with you, and to protect and honour your Sacred Space.

Notice the Sky above you, above which exists the stars, the universe.  Bring your focus to the Sky.  The Sky is the realm of stars and planets, and upper realms of higher vibrational energies.  The Sky is also the land of the Sun, which sends us billions upon billions of energy waves and particles - photons, neutrinos, and more.  The Sun activates our vitamin D production, which supports our bone health and hormone health.  Allow yourself to be curious about the energies of the highest good that exist in the Sky.  What to you symbolizes a greater energy that supports and nourishes you, brings you light and energy?  Invite the energy of the Sky to be with you, and protect and honour your Sacred Space.

Notice you.  The many layers of you, and at the core, the center, the very essence or central energy of you.  Your soul or spirit or core energy, as best you define this.  Allow this to be a light or energy that emanates from the very core of you outwards.  Allow this light or energy to pervade and glow into every part of your being - your anatomy, your cells, your molecules, your atoms, and the space in between.  Be an unfolding star of energy and light.  What to you is the central feeling of who you are in your very central essence?  Invite the presence of your most true, purest, deepest, part of you to be present, to be with you, to protect and honour your Sacred Space.
Invite a light, most prefer a brilliant white light, some prefer a golden light, or other tones of light, to start to purify and make Sacred the Space.  See this Light glow through your Sacred Space, bathing everything in a purifying and beautiful safe space.  You may invite the presence of energies of the highest good, to also be present.  You may invite the energy and light of your highest or most noble or most honourable self, to be present.

Take a moment to honour the space you have created.  Notice, through all your senses, how this space feels.  Allow the space to resonate.  When you are done, express thanks to all seven elements of the Sacred Space in a backwards progression : You, Sky, Earth, West, East, South, and then the North.  Give thanks to the Sacred Space, and all Space, for holding you present, and allowing you to live this beautiful and challenging human life, that allows you to transform the areas of darkness or pain or dissatisfaction or fear, into areas of wisdom and light and blessing and truth and beauty.




{ in Sanskrit, this is I am. In Native American traditions, this is, Let it be so. }


You are the Universe