ILLUMINE® Protect Energy Shield




Take a moment somewhere quiet where you won’t be interrupted. Standing or sitting.
Close your eyes, or, if this makes your nervous system hyper, then gaze softly in front of you.

Bring your focus to the breath. Notice the inhale, the exhale. Notice the different sensory parts of the breath: the temperature, the sensation, the way the chest wall moves, the way the stomach moves or doesn’t move. Avoid altering the breath, just allow your self to notice the breath - notice the inhale, the exhale, how long each part of the breath is, how deep.

Now, allow the breath to deepen - to get longer, to go more deeply into the bottom of your lungs. Help the breath deepen by pushing the stomach out with the INhale, and pulling the navel to spine with the EXhale. See if you can slowly count to 4 for the inhale, then slowly count to 4 for the exhale. Be curious, explore, find a way to make the deepening of the breath work for you.

Stomach out INhale        ~    Navel in EXhale

Then picture a vibrant green colour, like the fresh shoots of grass, the moss on a forest tree bark, the bright green of new buds in spring. ON the inhale, bring this vibrant green colour into your heart center, the center of your chest, just below your sternum. On the exhale, allow any dark green or dark energy, to exhale out. Keep doing this, until you feel there has been a good enough shift in the dark energy in your body, so that a lot has left.

Now, imagine a fine line in the very center of your being. Fine like a thread. Traditionally this is silver, but you can choose any colour tone you like. With its origin remaining at the center of you, send this fine line down into the floor or ground, down through all the layers of soil, down to the very center of the Earth. Let the line get red with the fire and heat of the magma at the center of the earth. Next, allow this now red thread to come back up through you in a big loop, up through you and into the sky above, up so far past the Earth’s atmosphere and the solar system, to get bright white with the light of the galaxies. Once it is bright white, then bring it back down through you and then back down to the center of the Earth again, letting it once again get red with the center of the magma of the Earth. Continue this in a figure eight with the center of the figure eight being the center of you. Next, allow this line to move and continue on its own.

Bring your attention back to the center of your chest. Now, imagine bringing in a white light of the purest and highest vibration, into the center of you. You can also imagine bringing the core self of you, your highest and most pure self, from the deepest inner part of you, into your body. Fill your body with white light. If a different light seems more suited, use that. Continue to breathe in the white light, from your core, and / or, from the universe. Breathe out any dull or grey or dark areas.

Once you feel that you are mainly full of white light, then allow a shield to form over your body or like a bubble around you. Let the bubble be close to you. The shield can be silken, teflon, silver, golden, crystal encrusted, diamond encrusted, or other.

Try this before you start your day. Try this also at the end of the day. Try this some days, and try days without using this, and notice if there is a difference.