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The ILLUMINE® Method helps you anchor into optimal wellness. 

Are you tired by the demands and pressures of a high performance profession?  Although you have "everything", do you feel lackluster? Do you need to re-find your key to the abundant joy and luxury of a body and mind fully primed?


True wellness reset


Reset your mind to find success.

Is your struggle confusing you? Are you a determined and motivated person who has surmounted many obstacles but can't seem to shift in a few key areas? 

Does your doctor say that you are doing well, no medically necessary issues, but you don't feel vibrant, you need to feel that magic, that spark, that vibrant energy in your life again?

In ILLUMINE® sessions, we find your key to full health vibrant shine. We tap into the core self - the beauty and magnificence therein - and then look from this powerful place at the obstacles you face.


Shift your beliefs to open up new opportunities. 

By listening to your unique perspective, and where your perspective has got you subconsciously or consciously making decisions that don't make your life optimal, we then shift you to a new place of perceiving, based in the science and experience of the many layers of you - physical, emotional, mental, relationship connection, belief system, dream life and spiritual.


Light Up

We all know how we light up when we have genuine enthusiasm.  The sleek and agile way we feel after a good sweat from a workout, the edgy sass when we surmount a challenge, when things happen that light the soul on fire, and bring that star quality shine into our cells, neurons, and the sensation of thriving with each breath. Moments like these fuel us to share a pure joy, so we can be luminaries, inspiring and lighting the way for others to get bright.

Set Up Self Care

If you are a care giver, or a human enhancer, you know the feeling when compassion runs out, and burnout sets in. What if you took such exquisite care of you, such that infinite compassion and clear boundaries were natural?  What if a re-structure of how you work, effectively creates new habits in the rules of engagement so that you navigate the day in flow state? If you can bring your purist self to all activities, and this lends a vibrancy to your life because your actions resonate with your values and beliefs? 


Why work with Me ?

I've struggled in my life with physical health, high stress environments, finding true self amidst the pressure of a high performance mindset. And I've found my calm, my brilliant, my key ways of finding fulfillment, contentment, joy. I created the ILLUMINE® Method out of a blend of key tools that have helped me and my clients succeed, and am excited to be able to share this knowledge with you.


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If you value excellence, high performance, high quality health, human connection, an energized life, rejuvenation of the pure self, tap into this place with the ILLUMINE® Method.

Learn how to use your mind to anchor in the wild and pure feeling of true self. 


Note: the Illumine Method is for wellness + prevention, and is not a treatment for medical conditions. For medical conditions, please contact your primary health care provider for an appropriate referral.