Eagle Flying

Optimize your energy on several levels -  physical, mental, emotional, relational, beliefs.  By shifting how you understand energy and neural networks, you create new connections to unfurl inherent brilliance.

Kawaii Coast

initial assessment

In the initial session, we design a two week plan to record your energy patterns and create new habits to enhance wellness.


session plans

The 5 SESSION plan addresses physical, emotional, mental, and belief systems in progressive sessions, with a final integration session.  The 10 SESSION plan allows for more in-depth detail and focus.


infinity Meditation

The Infinity Meditation guides your psyche through various mental landscapes to transform obstacles that keep you from your inner spark.  



To live a pure lifestyle with consistent healthy choices + regular exercise + mindfulness + sleep requires beautiful inspiration and clear motivation.  PURE LIFE sessions review emerging literature and use motivation techniques to support healthy habits, with a focus on purity. Referral for expert nutritional guidance from a nutritionist or functional medicine doctor or coach is available.


star self

illumination session

The Illumination Meditation Session is from an ancient area of energy medicine practiced in a remote mountain culture. You sense how your belief systems are leading to losses in energy, and shift the belief to create a new mental habit.



Aromatherapy is a beautiful way to nourish intention and calm the mind and nervous system, and to activate inspiration and drive.  Scientifically, the oils are absorbed in the skin and affect cell function, and scents are strongly linked to emotion and memory, which is how aromatherapy anchors new learning into the body.