Illumine Dr program



A structured format of education and information, followed by skill building and a tool kit of resources for work life balance, the program for physician wellness blends scientific and demographic evidence, theories on resilience and burnout prevention, neuroscience, goal setting and outcome definition, with in-session creation of insight.



Knowledge is power. Information on areas relevant to each client's specific challenges combined with common experiences relevant to a medical and care giving profession, are reviewed. The science of brain health and emotion regulation, creating resilience and counteracting stress, is also reviewed to develop daily and weekly techniques to reduce stress and increase career and life satisfaction.


Tools + Skills

Skills and tools to bring vitality and vibrancy to your body, mind, and sense of self are taught and then tailored to fit each person's preferences. Skills and tools taught include mindfulness, both basic mindfulness and a mindfulness program tailored to the individual, healthy habits, communication techniques, relationship skills, self care, uncovering blind spots, how to authentically recharge, meditation, and navigating information and demands. 



Sessions explore key areas of mental and emotional constructs that inhibit success in various areas of career and life. A combination of coaching and psychotherapeutic approaches help illuminate key areas where resilience and genuine enjoyment of life and career, can be enhanced.



Each session ends with an integration of key areas of awareness. Every four sessions, we summarize what goals have been achieved, and new outcomes wished for and how to achieve success.