How can I connect to you?

Use the booking form and select "Inquire"; receive a reply within two weeks. Once you have booked a session, sessions are held in person, via skype, or by interactive videoconference.




A 15 minute phone call for prospective wellness clients is complimentary:

Request a phone call through the Booking Form.


what are the private pay fees?


Private Pay Schedule:

$200 for a Brief Initial Meeting | Partial Consult | 0.5 hour

$375 for an Initial Full Consult | 1 hour

$450 for an Extended Initial Full Consult | 1.5 hour


$150 per half hour for follow up

$250 per 1 hour for follow up

3 and 6 month plans available


Prices are in Canadian dollars. Payment is in advance by credit card on JaneApp, paypal, or e-transfer. Full refund if cancelled 1 week in advance, minus a 15% processing fee. If cancelling after that date, the full fee is forfeit to respect the space lost to others. 



How do I pay for Sessions ?

Wellness and prevention sessions are private pay, with fees listed as above.



Confidentiality is strictly adhered to, to protect client privacy, and out of great respect for the sacred process of self development.  However, when communicating on skype, phone, email, or paypal, the secure privacy of the connection can not be guaranteed.  By communicating via these ways, you release Illumine Health and Dr. Love of any and all responsibility for the level of security available through these services.



What is a series of sessions like?

In the Initial Consult, we identify key areas that you wish to change. Based on the way your concerns present, we then design a realistic, personalized, and structured plan for your optimal wellness. 

Specifying your unique motivating spark to drive you to make effective changes in your life, is part of the ongoing focus of sessions. 

The priority is to offer you a full spectrum of care, with customized, personalized, and supportive measures to update you as to science relative to your wellness. This includes options for written detailed reports after each session, personalized guided meditations, weekly emails with updates as to your wellness interests, and access for those in a series of sessions to client modules for learning more about your wellness.


What knowledge informs sessions and plans?

Knowledge applied to your assessment helps to highlight your strengths and areas that need improvement for you to achieve your goal. As you talk about your wishes for wellness, I am assessing you based on a network of skill sets based in my training. As you speak, I am listening for elements that can be better understood through the science of behaviour change, stress, attachment theory, nervous system homeostasis, yoga philosophy, mindfulness, psychodynamic psychotherapy, brain health, functional medicine, the science of cravings and addiction, and energy medicine.

In addition, when you commit to a series of private pay sessions, you access the Members Only Pure Program which includes the knowledge of self-directed modules on sleep, stress, mood, happiness, mindfulness, and other key areas for success. Evidence-based articles are supplied where relevant.


How can I expect to feel differently after the series of sessions?

You will hone your ability to adapt to stress.  Your new adaptive response will bring you automatically, like a muscle reflex, into alignment with vibrant strength. 

If you commit to the work, you will overcome limiting patterns of behaviour, and opportunities will naturally and effortlessly expand to align your life with your true values. Shifts in body, mind, energy, relationships, self care, purpose, career, and other will develop a new baseline for vibrant living aligned with your purpose.

On a physical level, you will understand how your brain and nervous system work to enhance or prevent your success. If you prefer scientific measures, you can access one of my colleagues for measurement of lab values and brain waves relevant to your desired changes in brain state. You will learn several different states of awareness and how to access these to improve your performance and experience of life.

An adaptive response to emotions, or Emotional EQ, will be developed as you grow to understand and love your limbic system and heed its messages, which relate so intimately to physical health and navigation through life. You will learn how to navigate through your work day with times of rest and relaxation, and how to specifically use your time and attention to have optimal clarity of mind.

Athletically, you will learn the basics of how to visualize and use mindfulness for greater athletic performance. You will learn the benefits of exercise, as it applies to mind, mood, and health, and do this through a guided plan of experience with a new approach to movement. You will learn how fascial release and the energetic field of the body affect athletic pursuits.

On an energetic level, if you wish to, you will learn more about the energy centres in the body, the chakras and meridians, and several ancient systems that care for the energy field as taught to me through a three year mentorship training with Dr. Alexina Mehta, who studied with the Dali Lama. You will learn exercises to locate and grow your core essence, and unfold this more and more into your daily life. Integrity, personal values, a personal code of conduct, discernment, and strength of self, are part of the energetic aspects of skills that you may choose to learn.



What will I have by the end of the sessions?

You will have a beautiful daily practice that you deeply believe in, to anchor you in your truth, the way you enjoy to live each day on this amazing planet. 

You will have identified blind spots that obstruct your life energy, and see them more quickly in the future - your awareness will be sharpened. 

You will be more aware as to how past experiences, and your views of them, have shaped your current reality, and how to move past former obstacles with ease.

Even more importantly you will sense your life force energy, your essence, what makes you deeply alive, and begin to use this in every moment of your life to navigate a life replete with wonder and adventure and bliss states.



What are some of the details of the customized practice I get?

I will assess your current state on physical, emotional, mental, and belief systems levels.  We will discuss which areas you feel most drawn to change, and where you most need or most anticipate reward.  We will decide on which practices from meditation, mindfulness, yoga, psychotherapy, energy medicine and aromatherapy will best and with the most joy, refine your focus and energize your spirit.


I have a diagnosed illness, can I consult with you?

For those with the diagnosis of anxiety, mild depression, grief reaction, illness anxiety, or adjustment disorder, I do maintain a psychiatric practice in accordance with the Medical College guidelines, focused on psychotherapy only, not medication management. I have deep respect for the long history of accreditation and regulating of the medical profession by the College, and offer evidence-based and approved treatments for diagnosed illness for British Columbia residents.

For intake at the functional medicine clinic, please contact Connect Health to see a family doctor at the clinic for referral. If you are a professional or physician who is currently actively employed, we offer professional health and wellness services for Vancouver residents at Chakra Health via referral from your family doctor. 

Wellness + prevention services are not available for those with psychiatric diagnoses, as these are covered by MSP and specialized clinics where appropriate.



* Please note: For psychotherapy, diagnoses of exclusion include psychosis, a history of harm to self or other, requiring a mental health team, requiring extended leave, moderate to severe depression, psychiatric illness requiring disability income, and bipolar illness as this requires medication treatment as per professional guidelines. DBT for Borderline Personality is not provided. Substance Use disorders must be resolved prior to embarking on psychotherapy. Persons with criminal histories are not seen at our clinics. All visits require collateral contact to confirm client-relayed information is accurate and to maintain the calm and respectful atmosphere at the affiliated clinics and centres.

People with acute or urgent need for psychiatric services are recommended to access the Acute Assessment Centre at Vancouver General Hospital, (604) 675-3700, open 24 hours.