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“Your Body. Your Home. The home you take with you every where. It needs sun, fresh air, the sound of crashing waves, the deep oxygen of wild places, to have a deep refresh. Couched in a cozy abode, lulled to sleep by the waves, and bathed in exercise, high level nutrition, yoga, meditation, and wilderness adventure, we will bring you home.”


Retreats in 2019 will take you through a journey of discussing and practicing evidence-based tools for high performance living. In a progressive series of conversations, we’ll discuss how seven different aspects of your life can be reset for you to feel a inner glow, and inner energy, that truly makes you feel enthusiastic and alive! Each morning will start with meditation and yoga, and each evening will finish with a restorative and relaxation process to enrich your inner world and deepen your sleep.


Based in mindfulness and the neuroscience of resilience, stress responses, and adaptive neural networks, each retreat will help you adapt the science of renewal to your individual way of life and deep dreams and goals and delicious values.

The sheer beauty of relationships, and how to respond to challenges within our connections with others, will also be part of each retreat. We’ll discuss the habitual lenses through which we view communication on various levels, and notice how to respond to challenges with love, humour, wisdom, and creative approaches.

Ultimately, you’ll touchstone to your optimal self, to learn how to bring this gorgeous self to be present daily in work and life, and to enhance a career that feels enjoyable, pleasurable, fun, playful, and full of rewards.

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