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Starting this November, in collaboration with several other providers, I’ll be offering wellness workshops for working professionals.

With years of experience and multiple trainings, I am excited to launch into sharing my structured wellness planning.

If you are determined, motivated, but feeling tired, exhausted, mildly worn out, aging physically too quickly, looking for a renewed sense of purpose, or a work life balance that allows you to physically, emotional, mentally GLOW, then contact me for 2019 dates or to book a workshop for your company.


Workshop details

In each workshop, you will:

  • practice mindfulness

  • learn the neuroscience of resilience

  • practice mental focus agility

  • learn lifestyle approaches to brain wellness

  • learn lifestyle approaches to happiness

  • discuss communication strategies

  • practice a restorative yoga technique for resilience

  • create an actionable plan for optimal wellness


Maia’s relevant recent experience:

  • co-led 6 retreats on wellness in 2018

  • leads groups on mindfulness daily

  • multiple talks to large audiences on wellness

  • wellness consulting for several organizations

  • engaged in a community of doctors exploring wellness science and options for optimal wellness

  • over ten years of work with high performance professionals

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