Dr. Maia Love

dr. maia love


I am a practicing physician and creator of ILLUMINE®. Internationally certified in medicine and yoga, my wellness-oriented psychotherapy combines mindfulness, neuroscience, and psychotherapy with wellness principles.

My passion is to help you create behaviour change to realize your goals. The aim is to anchor you as effortlessly as possible into a new mode of being, energized by your personal spark.


I grew up surrounded by highly successful professionals. I watched them accomplish many things but also suffer from stress, health issues, relationship challenges, and overcome significant loss. I joined my family in the process of recovering from grief at a young age, and found a new perspective on life, and what it is to fully live, embrace, and enjoy one's life.

However, I have also had to face poor health due to inflammation from a chronic genetic illness that requires an incredibly specific diet and lifestyle. Through many practices ranging from working with western medicine specialists to practicing yoga and meditation intensively for over 20 years, to benefiting from an array of talented coaches and guides, I have found keys to vitality, energy, and authenticity, that give my life a gorgeous meaning. I have had to balance the health challenges with my own desire for excellence in career, and have been determined to commit to success. The balancing act has been so much like surfing, where the ocean is both support, magic, and ferocious unpredictability, and I have to find the sweet spot on my board, a sweet spot that is always changing, by constantly adapting to the shifting forces that be, and staying clear, focused, and balance acceptance and determination.

My experience thus far is the reason I have created Illumine Health, a wellness service for people who struggle with finding balance in the midst of successful careers that they love and are determined to continue. For people who don't have a formal diagnosis but want the benefits of mindfulness, energy, the wellness science and medicine of optimization, the wisdom of psychotherapy which I also call "mind medicine". People who are interested by the journey of the psyche, the meaning in life, and know that each day can be more glowing, magical, and enchanting, if they simply find the keys to an inner world that is better understood, a schedule that is effective and personalized, a way of perceiving, a mindset, that is optimal and beneficial. For people that need a moment in time, a space in their day, to be really heard, listened to, to be helped to find the true and pure source of their own brilliance, satisfaction, and joy.



I am fascinated by the connection between the mind and body. 

My mindfulness and yoga training started with two key books: Kundalini Yoga and Power Yoga. I read these and practiced daily, sometimes four hours a day, while on a sabbatical in Tofino for a year. During that time, I also practiced meditation twice a day, fasted, cleansed, and recharged my body back to a place of health with several key guides. Later, my meditation and yoga studies included training with Dr. Mark Lau, Susan Woods, Dr. Andrea Grabovac, Mike Nichols, Hillary Keegan, Coco Finaldi, and Dr. Alexina Mehta. From a more intellectual and less embodied approach, I am trained as a medical physician, specializing in medicine of the mind and motivation: general medicine, psychiatry and international addiction medicine. My love for neuroscience has included research in Dr. William G. Honer's lab, a presentation at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, and founding / directing BrainTalks at UBC

I study intently how each individual can embody knowledge, so that a new concept guides you forward through a lived and felt experience to shift you to a new state of awareness.

As mentioned above, I have seen that high levels of success did not always create enjoyment and relaxation. The daily grind of the driven person can wear down optimal wellness, so I began developing systems for amazing self care for the Type A individual at an early age. "Can you enjoy the life you have built?" is the question I like to answer. How to effectively balance an ambitious drive with glowing personal health and deep satisfaction is my skill set.

We now know that motivation comes from a feeling. "Emotional cognition" deeply influences personal choice and behaviour. I studied emotional intelligence intensively through over twenty years of dance-theatre. I created over thirty works as Artistic Director of my dance-theatre company, and performed in over thirty pieces professionally. I find my experience with character-driven creation now helps me tap quickly into the emotional realms of my clients to find clues for personalized and optimal wellness.

I am no stranger to powerful themes and challenges. At a young age, I experienced significant loss, which led our family to discuss greater themes on the meaning of life and how to survive death of a loved one, with Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, and Dr. Mike Meyers. I continue to enjoy providing psychotherapy that helps a person transition from loss to embracing life again.


medical practice

I work in several clinics providing psychotherapy. I also feel honoured to be in the process of developing wellness programs with several collaborators in Vancouver and Tofino, BC, Canada.

Passionate about health professional wellness, some of my collaborations include a focus on programming for physicians and other health care providers.