Dr. Maia Love

dr. maia love


I am a practicing physician and creator of the concept of Illumine Health. Internationally certified in medicine and yoga, my wellness-oriented psychotherapy combines mindfulness, neuroscience, and psychotherapy with wellness principles.

My passion for finding how you create behaviour change to succeed in your most valued goals is key to the way we work together. The aim is to anchor you as effortlessly as possible into a new lifestyle, a lifestyle infused with your personal spark.



I am fascinated by the connection between the mind and body. My mindfulness and yoga training includes studies with Dr. Mark Lau, Susan Woods, Dr. Andrea Grabovac, Mike Nichols, Hillary Keegan, Coco Finaldi, and Dr. Alexina Mehta. I am trained as a medical physician, specializing in medicine of the mind and motivation: general medicine, psychiatry and international addiction medicine. My neuroscience love has included working in Dr. William G. Honer's lab, a presentation at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, and founding / directing BrainTalks at UBC

I study intently how each individual can embody knowledge, so that a new concept guides you forward through a lived and felt experience to shift you to a new state of awareness.

Raised in a world of busy professionals, I saw how high levels of success did not always translate to enjoyment and relaxation. The daily grind of the driven person can wear down optimal wellness, so I began developing systems for amazing self care for the Type A individual at an early age. "Can you enjoy the life you have built?" is the question I like to answer. How to effectively balance an ambitious drive with glowing personal health and deep satisfaction is what I enjoy helping professionals attain.

we now know that "emotional cognition" deeply influences personal choice and behaviour. I understood emotional intelligence on a new level through many years of dance-theatre. I created over thirty works as Artistic Director of my dance-theatre company, and performed in over thirty pieces professionally. I find the skills of dance-theatre help me tap into the emotional realms behind your story, and find clues for your personalized optimal wellness.

I am no stranger to powerful themes and challenges. At a young age, I experienced significant loss, and this led to discussions with Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, and Dr. Mike Meyers. I continue to enjoy providing psychotherapy that helps a person transition from loss to embracing life again.


medical practice

I work in several clinics providing psychotherapy. I also feel honoured to be in the process of developing wellness programs with several collaborators in Vancouver and Tofino, BC, Canada.

Passionate about health professional wellness, some of my collaborations include a focus on programming for physicians and other health care providers.