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Spark your Energy! Reclaim your True Nature



We all want more.

Or want to slow it down to relax.

The perfect balance, surprisingly, exists in the science of your inner nature.

Walk to Cox Bay. PC: Illumine Life.

Walk to Cox Bay. PC: Illumine Life.



What are you? No, really? One moment you are your stomach ache, the next you are your tiredness, the next you are your keen on-edge executive, the next you are the end-of-the-day worn out drained irritable version that your spouse strongly dislikes. The attention shifts from thing to thing to thing.

And, at night, sometimes, you are the "what is the point of all this?" existential self.

So you review your options. Key supplements for energy: turmeric, CoQ10, B12, minerals, caffeine... the list goes on. Key practices for energy: exercise, cardio, lift weights, hot yoga, evening runs... etc. Key attitudes for energy: positive thinking, align with your true values, be mindful, meditate, pace your drive with times of relaxation. Sure, you can do all this. But sometimes it's not enough. Sometimes you need the ultimate recharge.

It's like surfing quiet waves and wanting, desiring, wishing for, longing for, those high waves that sometimes pummel you, sometimes ride you long and free and high to lift you above where you see everything from the sweet spot, the present moment in flow.

What is my wellness medicine for your ennui?



Yes, really.

Walk back from the surf at Tofino. PC: Illumine Life.

Walk back from the surf at Tofino. PC: Illumine Life.


So yes, it's challenging to have a clear mind when the supplements, the practices, the attitude is out of order. But, what if you have bio-hacked all of that, and you still aren't on par?

My answer to you, partly from personal experience, and partly based in research, is: nature. Nature, but not just nature on its own, but nature aligned with your True Nature.

Why I speak to this is, that after years of practice in addiction medicine which is known to be deeply draining, I found my ultimate recharge not in all the meditation, yoga, supplements, diet, exercise lifestyle, friends, love, family, etc.... although these all did help.... but found these in the monthly visits to gorgeous Tofino to soak in the forest air and refresh in the deep blue sea.

Molecules in the forest air recharge you. Phytoncides boost natural killer cells that fight cancer (1). Forest walking, called Shinrin Yoku in Japan and nationally funded for all citizens, leads to:

  • reduced stress (2)
  • lower blood sugar (3)
  • better concentration (4)
  • less pain (5)
  • better immunity (6)

These benefits are also found when you simply are in natural setttings (7). If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that being on or near water also deepens relaxation, induces alpha brain wave which recharge the mind, and is soothing to the human nervous system and mood.



The outdoors can have a profound effect on our psyche, our psychology. Not only outside of us, but within us, exists a landscape of possibilities. In this landscape are truths, values, beliefs, that power up or power down our energy. We don't yet fully understand why, but wilderness adventures deeply recharge our personal power. This has been tested in people with emotional, behavioural, and addiction issues, and found to be more beneficial than programs not done in the wilderness in studies including over 10,000 people (8).

So, if you are a tired successful professional with an energy drain, consider the Ultimate Recharge: the Wilderness Reset.



Your True Nature is boundless, infinite.


This is the teaching of yoga and many other spiritual traditions. Your energy and life span on this earth may be finite, but there is a place within from which boundless energy surges forth. Like that when an average swimmer dives in to save a drowning child, or that when a person lifts an impossible weight off a crushed earthquake victim. We have these unexplainable yet possible resources.

The same is true for your will power, and for your ability to recharge. 

With the benefits of a wilderness recharge in mind, I am honoured to be a part of several gorgeous retreats in natural settings over the next few months.

For our August Eco Yoga Retreat near Vancouver, the location is a lake, which is an enchanting metaphor for the space of the heart. In the yoga system, the heart chakra - an energy center - is sometimes symbolized by a lake of sublime peace. With our focus on aligning you with your sankalpa, your heart's deepest wish, it is sweet to have a lakeside setting to practice yoga and deepen the connection within and without.

Today, I was super thrilled to discuss in our team of four how nature recharges us. We talked about how practice of yoga poses, and meditation, and exploring nature, are all physical portals into the inner work of becoming more honest and true to ourselves. And how this gives a deep source of energy, integrity, and knowing that heals, restores, and energizes the human spirit.

We are so excited to offer a blend of positive thought, physical yoga, meditation, sound healing, Ayurveda, storytelling, journaling, and nature immersion to hold space for you to create a wellness plan for your day to day life, or to simply recharge.

Back to you.

Back to your True Nature.




Wishing you the best, always,


Dr. Maia


Note: to be clear, the retreat is for wellness: we will not be providing any evidence-based western medicine or treating any illness at the retreat. 




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