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About illumine®



The ILLUMINE® Method combines mindfulness and wellness science to shift you to a state of optimal well being. The method helps you renew on mental, physical and emotional levels: a full on reset. After a deep dive into your mind and psyche to re-program limiting beliefs, we design a structured evidence-based plan with personalized tools to create your optimal lifestyle.

Illumine® is a wellness + prevention service.


the sessions

Each session starts with a review of your current way of life: sleep, energy, mood, mental habits, relationships, career, and sense of purpose. After relaxation with Meditation on your core self, I guide you on an adventure into subconscious processes. You create a Mindset Shift on this level, to change a limiting belief into a new positive belief. This new belief gives freedom, calm, clarity, and a sense of many possibilities. After this meditative deep dive, the new belief informs your Wellness Plan, which is structured and goal-oriented with clear measurable outcomes.



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Meditation brings you into a deeper state of relaxation to change your neural networks. The power of meditation is supported by evidence-based research on mindfulness.



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You next adventure through the layers of your mind, beliefs, and emotions in a guided Mindset Shift. We locate the limiting belief to change it to a more positive belief. The new belief fuels your motivation.




Next we refine your wellness plan. The new belief is integrated into a daily practice. Change is driven by repetition in a goal-oriented structure supported by science and your new found clarity.


potential clients

Illumine Life Wellness is for people who want the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, an evidence-based healthy lifestyle, energy work, and psychotherapy. Based in wellness science and the medicine of optimization, the process allows both your scientific and mystical aspects to explore possibilities for personal growth. Illumine® sessions help you embody your unique pure source of brilliance, satisfaction, and joy, so that you feel confident, positive, and deeply alive.


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Please note: wellness services through Illumine are not a psychiatric or medical service, and as such do not provide medical diagnosis or mental health services. Wellness services are not for you if you have significant: addiction, psychiatric disorders, communicable or other disease processes. If you need reassurance about your ability to access wellness services, please consult your physician and have your physician request a referral form from Dr. Love at the Chakra Health Clinic for actively working high performance professionals. Collateral from your physician will be requested when deemed necessary on the initial wellness consult, and wellness services are not available to all who are interested. In the unlikely event you become unwell during wellness services, you may be required to withdraw and be referred to appropriate medical or mental health services.